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FT style butt hooks for both Katran and Krait rifles, chunky solid and just what you need for added rear end stability.

Please note that Katran versions ONLY fit the original folding stock at this time, a version for the solid stock will be coming soon.

Installation is very simple, for the Katran simply loosen your length of pull adjusters and slide out your original butt plate, for the Krait simply remove your length of pull thumbscrew and then slide out your original butt plate, slide in the new one and reinstall the thumbscrew.



Adjustment of the main vertical angle in relation to the rifle is different for the two versions because of the different mounting mechanism.

Katran - loosen the length of pull adjusters, then loosen the 3mm allen bolts securing the main section of the plate to the rods, adjust as required and then tighen the 3mm allen bolts, you MUST loosen the length of pull adjusters to allow the rods to move independently.
Krait - slightly loosen the 3mm bolt rearmost on the mounting rod this is your pivot point, then loosen the forward of the two bolts and once the desired angle is set tighten both bolts to secure it.


To apply any cant angle to the main verticle post of the plate, loosen the 4mm allen bolt at the centre just above the AirMaks logo on the right hand side and slide the main plate completely out of the way, this will then allow access to the two 3mm bolts that secure the vertical post, simply loosen both of these, set your desired angle and then tighten them again.

Pivot angle and overall height is set using the silver 4mm hex bolt just above the AirMaks Logo, simply loosen this, adjust to your desired height and pivot angle then tighten it to secure the position.


To adjust the height/angle of the arm to suit your shoulder, simply loosen the silver 4mm allen bolt and adjust to your desired position, this must be performed on each arm separatly.

Butt Hook

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