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The lightweight and ergonomic Caiman bullpup is fittingly named after a type of small alligator found in Central and Southern America - much like its namesake it is small but bites hard!

Release of the shot is administered by a two stage adjustable trigger with crossbar style safety.
The bark from the muzzle is tamed considerably by the modular shroud system which terminates in a standard 1/2” UNF thread for use of additional moderators.
The rubber butt pad is height adjustable to ensure a consistent shoulder is achieved with whatever optic you choose to mount on the picatinny rail which integrates a 20 MOA elevation to assist with longer distance zeroing.


  • Caiman  £1300

  • Caiman  X  £1350



  • 4,5 (.177)   5,5 (.22)   6,35 (.25)


  • 575 mm - Caiman

  • 695mm - Caiman X


  • 2,45 kg - Caiman

  • 3.05 kg - Caiman X

Barrel length (twist)

  • CZ 400 mm (1/17,7) - Caiman

  • CZ 520mm (1/17.7) - Caiman X

Air cylinder capacity (max pressure)

  • 190 cc (300 bar) - Caiman

  • 285 cc (300 bar) - Caiman X

190- Caiman .177 Sub 12
300 - Caiman X .177 Sub 12

Built around a world renowned CZ Barrel in either 400mm or 520mm length, the regulated action is fuelled by a 300 bar cylinder of 195cc or 280cc capacity for an impressive shotcount, this is combined with a fully ambidextrous cocking action and nestled into a distinctive clamshell style wooden stock complete with handy UIT rail at the fore end for accessory fitment.

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