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Krait Lite

Krait Lite L_edited.png

Named after a small species of venomous snake known for its often painless, but highly dangerous bite, the Krait bullpup is a quiet rifle that packs a solid punch

Designed with a focus on functionality, the Krait rifle features a very adjustable Walnut stock design to ensure you maximise YOUR potential in the field, the adjustable length of pull, cheekpiece and butt pad ensure that you can get an optimal cheek weld whatever optic you choose to mount to the top picatinny rail, and the integrated 20 MOA gradient helps to keep you zeroed at longer ranges.


The Krait Lite family of rifles are available in 3 sizes, the Standard Krait Lite which has a 400mm Barrel and 300cc CF bottle, the Krait Lite L which lengthens the barrel to 520mm and enlarges the CF bottle to 480cc, and the Krait Lite X which extends the barrel all the way to 700mm, all sizes feature a modular shroud system which at sub 12 gives the rifle a very quiet report from the muzzle even when used without a 1/2" UNF threaded moderator.

Technical Data

  • CZ Barrels in sizes 400mm, 520mm (L) or 700mm (X)

  • Carbon Fibre Bottle in sizes 300cc or 480cc

  • Calibres available 4.5mm, 5.5mm and 6.35mm

  • Weight - 2.63kg, 2.9kg (L) or 3.25kg (X)

  • Overall Length - 640mm, 735mm (L), 915 (X)

  • £1400 All Sizes
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