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AirMaks branded, Spartan produced, these high quality bipods are super light weight, super strong and easily attach and detach in seconds using the Spartan Magnetic Attachment System which has a very handy feature where you can swap between fixed mode and target mode (pan mode) simply by rotating the bipod 180 degrees before attaching to the rifle.

The Javelin Lite features fixed legs with a magnetic lock up, synthetic boots to protect your shooting bench which are easily removed to reveal tungsten carbide tips to grip into soft ground, and an easy to use cant lever provides quick tilt adjustment for when your support surface isnt level.Comes supplied with a blister pack with picatinny adapter as standard now.

The Pro Hunt Tac takes your shooting support to the next level by including a fully locking leg system with button press release and spring assisted extending legs with multiple length positions, this is in addition to the usual refinements such as the easy to use cant lever and removable tethered boots, comes supplied in a clamshell box with picatinny adapter as standard for easy mounting to all AirMaks rifles and many others!


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